Happy Birthday...

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karla (Omaha, United States) on 2 February 2011 in Miscellaneous and Portfolio.

...to me... One candle because, well, that is what you do for those of us over a certain age. However, note that a big candle covers a lot of years. And yes, today is also Ground Hog Day for the U.S. and Canada.

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Anita from West Nottingham, United States

Happy Birthday!

2 Feb 2011 9:56am

@Anita: Thank you very much!! There is much that I am grateful for and it's a good day to remember the blessings.

Gregory J. Buckland from Regina, Canada

wonderful image - I am mesmerized by photos of candles - I have yet to take one that I am thrilled with. Happy belated birthday - mine is tomorrow :)

8 Feb 2011 8:20pm

@Gregory J. Buckland: Candles are tricky, I am finding, with digital. Film seems to capture the light much better than digital. I would say, keep practicing. The problem is the brightness of the flame. I suspect to also get the wick included one needs to take two images and combine them in photoshop layers. The flame is the bright light which digital cameras tend to overexpose. The waxy part of the candle is the ordinary part, and then there are the shadowy areas to deal wtih. This candle I lit from above with one of my table lamps as an experiment. Then I post-processed. Watch for more experiments to come as I try different methods of lighting. kr

Gregory J. Buckland from Regina, Canada

Thank you for your insight - I am just starting to learn about photoshop - I currently do very little post processing (but I'm trying new things all the time). I really like the idea of lighting the candle from above - it worked well for you and now that you told me how you did it, I can see what you mean. Wonderful photo - would make a wonderful card!

10 Feb 2011 2:19am

@Gregory J. Buckland: Photoshop does have a learning curve---so don't get discouraged. Are you in the full program or in the almost as good Elements? I think the key is understanding and using layers. After that...lots of other things! Maybe this weekend I can try a simple taper candle and see what might be useful lighting for balancing the brightness of the flame. If your camera shows histograms, that could help judge exposure values. I do create greeting cards, so thanks for your thought about this image!