Rabbit did not know...

Posted by karla (Omaha, United States) on 19 February 2011 in Animal & Insect.

The eastern cottontail, Sylvilagus floridanus, is found throughout Nebraska. Its color varies from brown to gray. The tail is white. Habitat is a mix of open areas and sheltering shrubby terrain. They are primarily herbivores and prefer grasses and forbes, flowers, stems, leaves, seeds and fruits in the growing season, and bark and twigs during winter. Their primary resting place is an above-ground depression called a "fomm", made by tramping the vegetation down. Nests for the litters are shallow depressions dug by the female and lined with fur and grass. Their long ears are an identifying feature. Predators include foxes, raccoons, owls, hawks, snakes, dogs, cats, and hunters.

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Plichard Mickaël from Toulouse, France

Nice shot !

19 Feb 2011 10:32am

@Plichard Mickaël: Thank you!! Some days you get lucky with the animal, sun and stillness all in the right place.

Olivier Paillet from toulouse, France

Great shot ! Nice work ! Well done !

19 Feb 2011 3:42pm

@Olivier Paillet: Thank you very much! I appreciate your comment and your visit.

Sonia Nansid from Stockholm, Sweden

Very beautiful.

19 Feb 2011 4:16pm

@Sonia Nansid: Thank you, Sonia!

Larry Lefever from Lititz, United States

Be careful, little fellow.

19 Feb 2011 6:59pm

@Larry Lefever: Yes, Larry, you have the right idea. This little one ran across my path to hid in the grass. The sun was setting, and this was the momentary result. Thanks for your visit!

¨‘°ºO Dutçh Oº°‘¨ from Neverwhere, United States

Clever like what one would find in a story book.

19 Feb 2011 10:18pm

@¨‘°ºO Dutçh Oº°‘¨: Thanks! :) Amazing how long it takes to make the words simple but have the right meaning.

Arnd from Basel, Switzerland

This is a wonderful picture, Karla. The well done selective color treatment nicely emphasizes the text on the image margins. I hope the rabbit got your message.

19 Feb 2011 10:44pm

@Arnd: Thank you, Arnd! This was one of the easier images to process for posting. Except for the wording...that was more time-consuming. I tried not to chuckle, when I realized the sun was showing the hiding place. I knew, but I doubt a predator would realize...unless the ear moved. These rabbits are very fast, though, as our dog knew very well. I walked on after taking the picture, as the day was ending rapidly.

DULCIE from Danville, CA, United States

A beautiful natural shot...the touch of color being his ear, the beacon. Charming and well done.
Liked your descriptive info, too. The printed words around the frame are an interesting and fitting element of this image. :-)

19 Feb 2011 10:49pm

@DULCIE: Thank you very much, Dulcie! So glad you liked it. I appreciate your comments on this. The sun was setting and the light suddenly "lit" the ear -- one of those moments!

clodagh smith from Sacramento, United States

great shot for the Year of the Rabbit and I like the addition of the words, poetry

20 Feb 2011 12:22am

@clodagh smith: Thank you, Clodagh! I am happy you also liked the additional words.

Marie from FRESNES, France

jolie rencontre, et belle photo.

22 Feb 2011 2:08pm

@Marie: Thank you, Marie! I would like to do more of these but inspiration seems to be very slow.

Rebecca from Beavercreek, Oregon, United States

like this bit of subtle color in the b&w field.

24 Feb 2011 4:11am

@Rebecca: Thanks, Rebecca! Thanks for visiting.

Nikon D300
1/160 second
ISO 200
300 mm (35mm equiv.)


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