Heron Haven 4

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karla (Omaha, United States) on 7 May 2011 in Animal & Insect.

… and looking up … This is a robin (you will need to trust me on this, but maybe the beak color gives it away?) flew into the tree crotch as I was watching. It was high enough to be safe for nesting, but too high for a good vantage point for my lens. Even so, this is my first time spying a robin on a nest. The American robin (Turdus migratorius) is named after the European robin, though the latter is a flycatcher and the American is a member of the thrush family. Robins are plentiful around here, are the first to arrive in the Spring (usually in late February). They announce the coming dawn with a distinctive warble,beginning at 4:30 a.m. during the summer; after the sun sets, as dusk descends, their song bids farewell to the day. In my yard a small birdbath provides fresh water for their (and other birds') bathing and drinking; at Heron Haven, the "birdbath" is much bigger. The wetland has recorded more than 130 bird species, migratory and otherwise.

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CElliottUK from Reading, United Kingdom

Yep, American Robins are so different from our little cheeky chappies. Lovely pic and write-up

7 May 2011 6:37am

@CElliottUK: Thanks! :) It was a nice little moment to see it.

Aboololo from Govashir, Iran

great focus ! good find !

7 May 2011 7:14am

@Aboololo: Thanks! It was an interesting moment! Thanks for visiting and commenting!!

Ronnie 2¢ from Atlantic Shores, United Kingdom

Makes good reading as well as good viewing . . . I was about to say the same as Chris on how different the English robins are. Nice posting.

7 May 2011 6:31pm

@Ronnie 2¢: Thanks, Ronnie. I wonder what the behavior differences are.

DULCIE from Danville, CA, United States

Glad to see this robin going about his personal business. A very good catch...glad you went for it.

7 May 2011 8:09pm

@DULCIE: Me, too! I was glad that I had not scared it away.

john4jack from Corvallis, Oregon, United States

nice selective focus

7 May 2011 9:09pm

@john4jack: Thanks! :)

franz from Baden, Austria

although there isn't much to see of "mrs. robin", i like the way the beak peaks out from the nest! well seen and taken, karla!

9 May 2011 7:40pm

@franz: I would need a very tall ladder to get a better viewpoint for this nesting spot. However, she seemed perfectly ok with me walking around below and clicking a picture or two. Maybe the sun was in her eyes...!

Arnd from Basel, Switzerland

Wonderful, life-affirming photograph and Interesting and instructive description.

10 May 2011 10:25pm

@Arnd: Thanks, Arnd! Robins are a favorite bird, and I was glad to have spied this nest.