Prairie Coneflower

Posted by
karla (Omaha, United States) on 10 July 2011 in Plant & Nature and Portfolio.

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guillaume from Paris, France

Excellent processing !

10 Jul 2011 10:17am

@guillaume: Thank you very much, Guillaume, for your comment and visit !!

john4jack from Corvallis, Oregon, United States


11 Jul 2011 12:39am

@john4jack: Thanks, Jack! I am trying more black and white processing.

B. Thomas from Arlington, Texas, United States

Great shot!

12 Jul 2011 12:08am

@B. Thomas: Thanks, Barbara! This particular coneflower has been a problem for me in my images. It looks so carefree and fun in my garden, but in my images, previous results did not work out as I had hoped. This time the light felt right and the buds were aligned. Color still was elusive so I gave black and white a try and rather liked the result. I will keep on trying with this flower!!!

Marcie from Newton, United States

Exquisitely beautiful light..rendered even more so in b&w!

12 Jul 2011 12:02pm

@Marcie: Thank you very much, Marcie! As I mentioned to Barbara, I have tried through a couple of years to capture this flower, to express how I saw it. This time, and especially with the b&w, the image seems to do what I had hoped for. I may have been looking at color, but what I perhaps needed to see better was the light !

Denny Jump Photo from Easton, PA, United States

This is magnificent, Karla...and what a wonderful treatment here. I love this!

12 Jul 2011 2:31pm

@Denny Jump Photo: Thanks, Denny! What a lovely comment!!

Jason Politte from Conway, AR, United States

Wow, that's gorgeous - I just love the symmetry of the stems. This is a true B&W work of art. Well done!

12 Jul 2011 3:05pm

@Jason Politte: Thank you so very much, Jason!

Rick from Toronto, Canada

Such an elegant presentation! I love it. The light and b&w are perfect together.

12 Jul 2011 4:10pm

@Rick: Thank you, Rick, for your visit and comment! I find it interesting that some images almost work better in B&W. From the responses, this might be one of them that needs this treatment.

Tinx from Kuressaare, Estonia


12 Jul 2011 4:50pm

@Tinx: Thanks, Tinx, for your visit and comment!

JOEMULLIGAN from Muscatine, Iowa, United States

I like those 5 buds at the top, like sentinels, and the way the flower in the center is gradually giving up its petals, its life. The photograph, partly because of it's stark black and white, is a meditation on death. Don't you think?

12 Jul 2011 7:18pm

@JOEMULLIGAN: Joe, Thanks so much for your visit and interpretation! Your comment really gave me pause. I had not conceptualized anything much with this image---I was just so glad to get the image "finished" and posted! That was a very interesting idea for me to think about. The more I look at it, I can surely see where your commentary came from. Thanks so much for your visit! I love to hear various artistic viewpoints---they broaden the view, so to speak, and make it the experience more deeply interesting. :)

Becky from los angeles, United States

Stunning image!

13 Jul 2011 4:45am

@Becky: Thank you, Becky! Thanks for the visit and comment. :)

klausZ from Kufstein, Austria

an extraordinary low key processing! very creative work and handling of this theme! superb!

13 Jul 2011 11:58am

@klausZ: Thanks, Klaus, for your visit and comment! The image took some playing with to get where it is now. There were so many ways to do this one, but B&W/low key seemed to do it for me. Glad you like it!

skarlet from kerman, Iran

so beautiful! great color and light...
i like it very much!

13 Jul 2011 2:26pm

@skarlet: Thank you, Scarlet!! Thanks for visiting and commenting. I am glad you like this one.

Twojays from Southwest Montana, United States

How bold and unusual! Looks like moon light on them. Your creative choices for presenting the grouping are wonderful, and diverse. Very arty. Makes my mouth drop.

13 Jul 2011 2:52pm

@Twojays: Thanks!!! The whole image could have gone a bit darker, but somewhere along the continuum, after going back and forth ( a lot), I stopped where you see it now.

MARIANA from Waterloo, Canada

very pretty image and awesome processing . love it . very artistic !

13 Jul 2011 8:00pm

@MARIANA: Thanks, Mariana!!

Steve Rice from Olympia, United States

A beautiful composition.

15 Jul 2011 10:28pm

@Steve Rice: Thank you, Steve, for your visit and comment! I am not sure how much I had to do with the compo of this, as the flowers finally fell into what I saw as a possibly good image. I guess all the previous dozens of pictures I have taken of these flowers were good practice.

CElliottUK from Reading, United Kingdom

Truly gorgeous-a gallery shot if I ever saw one

16 Jul 2011 9:12am

@CElliottUK: Wow, thanks, Chris! I appreciate that very much!

Ani from Bordeaux, France

So beautiful...

16 Jul 2011 10:18am

@Ani: Thank you, Annie, for your visit and comment! Your images are exquisite and I learn a great deal from looking at them.

Anina Botes from Auckland, New Zealand

This is exquisite! Wonderful lighting and tones.

19 Jul 2011 9:40am

@Anina Botes: Thank you very much, Anina!

Ronnie 2¢ from Atlantic Shores, United Kingdom

The dramatic lighting and arrangement here makes this so different. A strong study for sure.

20 Jul 2011 9:31am

@Ronnie 2¢: Thanks, Ronnie. This image rather surprised me, as I was working with it.

Julie Brown from Indianapolis, Indiana, United States

That is a different way to present coneflowers. I like how the light illuminates the petals.

20 Jul 2011 1:36pm

@Julie Brown: Thanks, Julie. I will post a couple of color images of these flowers one of these days. This year they developed what I call "weak knees" from all the rain this season---the stems need some sturdy grasses to help keep them from drooping because of the weight of the blossoms.

franz from Baden, Austria

wonderful b&w in a stunning compo and frame!

21 Jul 2011 8:39pm

@franz: Thanks, Franz, for your comment!

Dan Creighton from Hatboro, United States

Lovely edge lighting on the b&w here and great contrast both in tones and with the one flower still in bloom.

23 Oct 2011 6:40pm

@Dan Creighton: Thank you, Dan. What a delight to have you visit here! I appreciate the comments/insight very much.

angel from Tehran, Iran

very very nice

27 Dec 2012 9:51pm