Fall color 2

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karla (Omaha, United States) on 7 October 2011 in Plant & Nature and Portfolio.

The above image is taken at the side gate near the back door. Consider it an image that shows texture. ;) Somewhere during post-processing, I added one texture by Kim Klassen, but it seems to have become invisible. It also has a fence post in it, so I suppose it might be ok for a Fence Friday? That's a morning glory leaf, with all its imperfections and fall color. I seem to be less bothered by imperfections in plants during autumn. It seems that by then, any plants surviving a wet, humid summer, thrashed by winds, chewed upon by bugs, and trampled by animals and people, ought to be allowed some imperfections. They suggest a hardiness despite adversity. What is most loved at this time of year, of course, are the color changes. That's what drew me outside again today, along with the robins holding court at the birdbath. They are flocking now. I am still catching up with everyone's blogs--and enjoying every minute of it!

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franz from Baden, Austria

wonderful compo in a very attractive frame! i love fall colors too, though ours here can't compete with yours, i'm sure. great dof here, too!

7 Oct 2011 3:02pm

@franz: I am originally from Buffalo NY (Lake Erie) and the Fall color there is typical of New England's brilliant reds, oranges, and yellows, putting on a show all at once it seems. Here in Omaha, we settle for various yellows from several species, then rusty reddish browns from the oaks, and the occasional early red from sumac, and eventually the reds from occasionally planted maples. Every so often, all we get are leaves that are brown and crispy if the summer was exceptionally dry. This year fortunately is a good year for color, as you have seen. Unfortunately, it seems to be disappearing far too quickly. Thanks, Franz, for your visit and comments. Much appreciated!

JOEMULLIGAN from Muscatine, Iowa, United States

Beautiful image, Karla. I love the brightness of the yellow leaf...and its imperfections...especially when standing out against the green middle grounds and the dark background. I like your thoughtful comments too. AND I wanted to tell you I really really really loved your image from yesterday, Fall Color 1. Totally great!!!

7 Oct 2011 9:02pm

@JOEMULLIGAN: Thanks so much for your visit and taking time to comment! And I am glad you liked fall #1. It has so much color and detail that I was not sure I would post it. I may try printing that one, when I have time. The garden is really surprising me this year -- usually I need to go a distance to find special little places with detail that I find interesting. This year, it's in my back yard!

Twojays from United States

This is really rich and interest holding. The fence post, which I envy, is great in there to create a nice balance, and anchor, and allows the leaves to look prettier. Like the variations of focus. Enjoyed your journal piece.

7 Oct 2011 11:39pm

@Twojays: Thanks, Joyce! That fence post has been there for a long time. In fact, the fence itself is currently braced against winds and other forces (children walking by) and will need to be replaced next year when the dimes and nickels add up properly. Good thing that I am taking advantage of photo-opportunities this year, while the aged look still remains. Thanks for stopping by!!

john4jack from Corvallis, Oregon, United States

fine selective focus

10 Oct 2011 10:07pm

Steve Rice from Olympia, United States

A very beautiful autumn image with the leaves and fence post.

25 Oct 2011 5:54pm

@Steve Rice: Thanks!! I appreciate your appreciation! :)

Julie L. Brown from Indianapolis, Indiana, United States

A very thoughtful narrative, Karla. I like the juxtaposition of the two textures, as well as shapes. Nice selective focus and light.

27 Oct 2011 9:47am

@Julie L. Brown: Thanks, Julie, for all your comments and your all visits! I appreciate them very much and learn from them. :)