Elmwood Park's snowy day - the creek

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karla (Omaha, United States) on 15 January 2012 in Cityscape & Urban and Portfolio.

This view of the creek is from the grotto, at the short length of fence seen in the middle of yesterday's post. There is more water than usual, probably due to the high levels of moisture during the spring and summer of 2011. We are looking toward the southwest. The creek flows under the grotto and continues on the other side. Some of it must be subterranean, since there are houses, streets and sidewalks throughout this part of the city, and there is no flowing water that I am aware of, other than in the park.

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akbar from gorgan, Iran


15 Jan 2012 5:21am

akbar from gorgan, Iran

excellent photo,I feel shivering:))

15 Jan 2012 5:29am

@akbar: Thank you, Akbar for your visit!! I hope you can warm up quickly after viewing the snowy scene. :))

Ani from Bordeaux, France

Joli !!!

15 Jan 2012 6:12am

@Ani: Merci, Ani! :)

CElliottUK from Reading, United Kingdom

Lovely shot. Water will always find its own way

15 Jan 2012 9:37am

@CElliottUK: Thank you! So true, water seeps through many unseen paths. Part of the streambed for sure is underground, since many decades ago a pond that was nearby and the creek that fed it was put through condiuts and layered over with soil and grass. This ravine probably gains a lot from drainage off the hill to the left.

Francisco Romero from Carbajal de la Legua, Spain

Beautiful image!

15 Jan 2012 9:48am

@Francisco Romero: Thank you, Francisco!

Ana Lúcia from Leiria, Portugal

I'm enchanted by your vision of the world.

15 Jan 2012 9:50am

@Ana Lúcia: Very kind comment, Ana Lúcia. Thank you very much.

Jac from Alfena, Portugal

fabulous, like a fairy-tales!!! ;)

15 Jan 2012 11:23am

@Jac: Thank you, Jac! I felt the same as I took the pictures.

B. Thomas from Arlington, Texas, United States

Lovely winter landscape.

15 Jan 2012 1:56pm

@B. Thomas: Thanks, Barb. We don't get many chances around here for this sort of thing. I was feeling awfully lucky that this scene was so close by and within the city.

Ted from South Wales, United Kingdom

good lines & I like the way the bark breaks up the mono.

15 Jan 2012 6:34pm

@Ted: Thanks, Ted, for your visit and comment on the detail.

Nilla´s photo shoots from Östergötland, Sweden

I can see that you have more snow over there. Nice, the water draws me into the photo.

15 Jan 2012 7:46pm

@Nilla´s photo shoots: Thank you, Nilla, for your comment and visit. This beautiful snowfall on December 4 was for only about three days, and then it all melted away. We have had scant snow this year otherwise.

Arnd from Basel, Switzerland

Magnificent series of winter photographs! The fresh snow has converted your city park into a magic winter wonderland which you captured so well. I especially love your control of light in all of the shots.

15 Jan 2012 8:31pm

@Arnd: Thanks, Arnd. I learned quickly to use the camera's histogram for these. That made the editing easier. I find snow difficult and need a lot of practice with the digital camera.

Richard Geven from Montferland, Netherlands

Amazing winterview Karla...i like the creak in the middle... without sunlight a wintershot is so grey and the water works so well for this photo!! Great job!!

15 Jan 2012 8:33pm

@Richard Geven: Right, Richard! Gray. It is, for me, difficult to capture a snow scene properly, and tried different camera settings, including the +i exposure, to get it right. The all white sky momentarily was brighter---not blue, just brighter---at times, so camera adjustments kept me busy! Camera histograms helped. So did the final editing. Thanks very much for your comments.

Marcie from Newton, United States

What an absolutely stunning winter scene. Exquisite!

15 Jan 2012 11:20pm

@Marcie: Thanks, Marcie! And, congratulations on your 2011 photoblog win! :)

Slackwater Don from Spokane, United States

A beautiful winter shot with excellent black and white qualities. Excellent!

16 Jan 2012 12:33am

@Slackwater Don: Thank you, Don! Thanks for this lovely comment. I must say, as lovely as that creek water was, it took awhile to figure out how dark it needed to be. This is pretty much how I remember it. So many choices come up in editing! It does have strong monotone potential. Food for thought. ;) Thanks, Don, for your visit and comment.

Jim from Fort Worth, United States

Beautiful and peaceful.

16 Jan 2012 12:47am

@Jim: Thanks, Jim!

Denny Jump Photo from Easton, PA, United States

This is beautiful, Karla...I especially like how you have included these trees with the brown trunks showing...really adds an attractive and eye-catching element to this wonderful scene. Well done ;-)

16 Jan 2012 4:59pm

@Denny Jump Photo: Thanks, Denny! It took some doing, as you can read in my responses. ;)